Diablo III could be coming to the PlayStation 3, if a retail listing is to be believed. The trigger happy folks over at German shop RedCoon have listed a product page for Blizzard’s uber-popular dungeon crawler on PS3, prompting speculation that an announcement could be made during Sony’s E3 press conference this evening.

The site lists a 2012 release and even details “multiplayer support via Battle.net, with opportunities for cooperative and competitive” gameplay. Considering how open Sony’s been to allowing third-parties to bring their proprietary networks to PSN, the functionality sounds entirely feasible.

It’s not the first time Blizzard’s discussed the idea of Diablo III on consoles. Late last year, game director Jay Wilson told Game Informer magazine that the company wants to “build” the popular PC title for consoles, too.

If this shows up during Sony’s press conference, it would be a pretty massive announcement. For now though, it maintains a retail rumour.

[via redcoon.de, eurogamer.net]