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Learn About the Technology Inside Move's Racing Wheel

Posted by Sammy Barker

More than meets the eye

Sony’s hastily announced PlayStation Move racing wheel proves that appearances aren’t everything. The peripheral might look unwieldy at first, but it’s actually packing some interesting technology beneath the surface, as this video with Sony's Anton Mikhailov demonstrates.

For example, the peripheral boasts a series of additional rumble motors for enhanced feedback, twisting throttle functions for motorbike games, and improved analogue triggers for precise acceleration and braking. It might look hideous, but – whisper it – this thing actually seems pretty darn cool.


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Kayoss said:

It sound a lot better then the Racing wheel from the Wii... Looks are decieving. When they first announce it I thought it was a hightech boomerang or one of batmans gadget.



ThreadShadow said:

I don't think I'd ever get one of these, but it does actually look pretty cool. It looks like it should drive the Millenium Falcon or something.

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