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Just So You Know, Final Fantasy XIV Is Still Coming to PS3

Posted by Sammy Barker

Eventually, anyway

Back at E3 2009, Sony countered the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360 by revealing Final Fantasy XIV for PS3. The shock trailer prompted gasps from the bewildered audience, until the words “Online” flashed up on the screen. Three years later, there’s still no sign of the title on Sony’s console.

That’s partly because people really didn’t like Final Fantasy XIV when it released on PC. Square Enix has since essentially scrapped the game and started again. But what does that mean for the PS3 version?

Well, speaking with, producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that the port is on schedule and still on the way.

He explained:

The teams that are working on developing [the game] have both the PC version up and the PS3 version up, making sure that development is going at the same time. Of course, because the PS3 has memory limitations – they’re limitations that are not on the PC – there has to be some optimising that has to be done. We’re working on that currently, right now.

Yoshida also ruled out the notion of development being switched to the next PlayStation console, by explaining that “PS3 owners should have their patience rewarded”.

Final Fantasy XIV was originally set to release on PS3 way back in January 2010. It’s now targeting a vague 2013 release. Is this still something you want to play?


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odd69 said:

I love FF dearly. Ive seen FF11 online in action and i sure do still want to play this if the online is as seemless as 11 was. But um yea im not paying a monthly fee to play any game. Im torn...



ShogunRok said:

The hype for this one died long ago, I'm afraid. I was almost willing to pay a monthly fee if it was good enough - but then we're told it's a shambles on PC and any PS3 news goes out the window for a solid two years. Lost your chance Square...

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