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Final Fantasy III Port in Development for PSP

Posted by Sammy Barker

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The PlayStation Portable continues to be a prominent system in Japan – perhaps to the detriment of the recently released PlayStation Vita. Furthering the predicament, Square Enix has announced that it is working on a port of Final Fantasy III for Sony’s debut handheld.

The PSP port will feature enhanced graphics and the ability to play the game using the original Famicom soundtrack. The game will cost ¥3,800 at retail, and ¥3,300 from the PlayStation Store when it launches in Japan on 20th September.


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Slaysme said:

It's just to complete the cycle. With this, every main ff through X is playable on the Psp, and soon, inevitably, the vita as well. When the vita gets X"HD", maybe the new cycle of ports will start. Who hoo?



belmont said:

I want this game in Europe! Then I will have all FF games from 1 to 9 in my PSP
It may come in the PSN since the game is already translated...



Stuffgamer1 said:

Maybe they'll take the easy way out and release it ONLY on PSN in the West, since I really don't think UMD copies would sell very well at this point. I'd totally download it though, especially if it works on Vita day 1.



Stuffgamer1 said:

After further researching the game...I don't really know if I want it or not. The screenshots on siliconera are very underwhelming. I would've really much rather had a version of the game in the style of the PSP releases of FFI, II, and IV. sigh

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