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E3 2012: Watch the PlayStation Press Conference Right Here

Posted by James Newton

Get it all live!

If you're itching for some PlayStation information, we've got you covered with a live stream of Sony's whole conference.

The conference kicks off at 6:00pm Pacific — that's 9pm Eastern, 2am UK and 3am Central European Time — but you can tune in half an hour earlier for a special preview.

We'll have regular updates for you through the night so keep it locked on Push Square for all your PlayStation E3 news.

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rjejr said:

Wonderbook sucks so hard I'm thinking of going out and buying Wii Music.
I own EyePet. Everybody in my house likes Eyepet. This is a blank book that puts LBP on your tv. That woman is regretting doing this. To qoute Dr. Smith - oh the pain, the pain.

I'll be playing my new PS+ games though, thanks for those.

OMG this is never going to end.



CanisWolfred said:

No big Vita news = One very disappointed Mac. And worst of all, no Mecha outside of those half-second clips.



Squiggle55 said:

The highlight for me is Cross-Controller DLC for Littlebigplanet 2. Using the Vita as a controller for the PS3 is great and I hope this becomes common. And The Last of Us looks awesome. I'm also glad they mentioned PS1 classics for Vita, but they were still very vague about a timeframe. And I'm somewhat disappointed and worried by what they had to say about PS+. They better not abandon the free PSN games in favor of these rotating full games. The only thing I wanted out of this conference was to hear that Vita would be getting some PS+ support. And when they say they will "mix other games into the rotation" I assume they are saying we can't play these full games forever. And that 5 second blurb about using the Vita as a controller for LBP2 is practically the only thing new and exciting they said about the Vita. Very disappointing. I feel disappointed, because I wanted to be assured that good things were coming soon for Vita, and instead I got to watch people play Assassin's Creed and God of War (2 games we already knew about) for half an hour. And ignoring the Vita for Wonderbook? seriously?



Genostar09 said:

Very dissapointed regarding the Vita, the new ps3 game announcements and wonderbook (-_-) took all the spotlight. I wont be suprised if the vita perfoms badly in sales...At least there was The Last of Us. Sick is right!



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm really sad that there wasn't much mentioned for the Vita but The Last of Us looked absolutely incredible.

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