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Capcom Confirms Killer Line-Up for Eurogamer Expo

Posted by Sammy Barker

Drop dead

Fans of zombies, controversy and The Thing will probably want to snatch up the few remaining tickets to September’s Eurogamer Expo. The London convention is set to pay host to a trio of top-tier titles from Capcom, with Resident Evil 6, DmC: Devil May Cry and Lost Planet 3 all playable on the show floor.

Members of the Push Square team will be present at the show, so if you spot one of us make sure you pop over and introduce yourself. For additional respect, why not consider donning your best leather jacket and styling your hair like Leon S. Kennedy? We’re informed it only takes six hours to get your locks that straight. It’s totally worth it.

The Expo itself is scheduled to take place at Earl’s Court between the 27th and 30th September. Tickets are available at the Eurogamer Expo site.

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Slapshot said:

I've read several articles from peoples hands-on time with Resident Evil 6 at E3, and they all had one major thing in common: they absolutely hated it!

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