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Buddy Up with Spec Ops: The Line's Free Co-Op DLC

Posted by Sammy Barker

Two's company

2K Games is eschewing costly industry trends with the upcoming Spec Ops: The Line, announcing a free co-op update set to release in August. The download will implement objective based multiplayer scenarios into the tropical shooter that will help to expand upon some of the events from the single-player campaign.

Four missions will be included in total, each with unique environments, characters and objectives. You’ll need to fight off enemies, while also dealing with the hazardous weather conditions in Dubai.

Other publishers would almost certainly charge for this, so 2K Games deserves credit for putting it out for free. The tactical shooter's set to release this week on PS3.

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Jimbob81 said:

It's great that 2K have done this, especially not charging for it. It is a shame it's not full campaign co-op which is something I wish all games would have.

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