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Zindagi Reveals Sports Champions 2

Posted by James Newton

What took so long?

If there's one Move game everyone liked, it's Sports Champions, so it's excellent news that Zindagi Games and Sony San Diego Studios are working together on Sports Champions 2 for PlayStation Move.

The line-up of sports mixes new with old, and includes bowling, tennis, golf, skiing, archery and boxing. It'll support two players and up to four Move controllers in total.

Sony also announced DanceStar Party Hits, which is moderately less exciting.

Sports Champions 2, sequel to the best-selling PlayStation Move title, is getting back in the ring with an exciting range of new sports. Using single or double motion controllers, you will have the opportunity to compete against friends in all-new events including Boxing, Golf, Bowling, Skiing and Tennis, and hit the bullseye with an updated Archery mode. Sport Champions 2 will bring your family a fun and competitive experience that everyone will want to be a part of.

With the new Party Mode you will have the chance to compete with friends and family in custom and multi-sport tournaments. Create player profiles with individual stat tracking and customise your character to personalise your sports experience.

Everything you loved about the original Sports Champions is right here in the sequel; Cup play (solo campaign), Free Play, Challenges (arcade events), online leaderboards and Facebook connectivity will all feature in the exciting new game. All of this combined with full stereoscopic 3D support plus PlayStation®Network features make Sports Champions 2 the must have fun filled family sports game in 2012.

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get2sammyb said:

Naturally I'm freaking out about the prospect of a proper motion controlled tennis game here. I still play the table-tennis mode in the original Sports Champions. I hope everything is much more fleshed out this time, though.

EDIT: Also, I loved The Fight, so I hope the boxing is equally good here.



rjejr said:

Props for boxing vs. I'll probably never own 4 Move controllers but I do own 2 and a Nav so I have to admit some excitement for this though most of what I played on the first 1 was frisbee solo and bachi ball vs. Archery looks almost exactly the same though so I don't get it. I would have preferred a batting cage. Wii sports had a bunch of baseball mini-games that were fun. I'ld like to compete in a real life looking All Star game home run derby. I know that was already out in another baseball game, I'm just thinking of new stuff in here I'ld rather see than archery again.
Skiing looks like a great addition. And that woman in the video looked like my mom who loves Wii tennis games. And my dads a big bowler.
Sold again.



Ginkgo said:

Yay! Sammy I am with you on Tennis. The Move enabled tennis games so far have been soooo disappointing. Can't wait for this to show them how they should have done it in the first place.




@rjejr I think they've probably tweaked the set up for Archery. It was one of the better bits in Sports Champions but (for me at least) the calibration didn't really match up with on screen aiming too well.

@get2sammyb tabble tennis in Sports Champions is probably the best example of motion controlled gaming I've ever experienced, just so very well done. The Fight is great too, makes for a cracking workout!




Also, with the announcement of the wholly dull sounding Star Wars 1313, could someone please point Lucasarts in Zindagi's direction please!?!?



dmmp1234 said:

GOLF!!!! I can't wait to see what their implementation is like. Especially because they like to push the boundaries of move control.

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