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Super Meat Boy Cameos in Retro City Rampage

Posted by Sammy Barker

Meating in the middle

Super Meat Boy is never coming to the PlayStation Network, but at least he’ll make a guest appearance in the upcoming Retro City Rampage.

The character will cameo in a mini-game named Retro Meat Boy, a kind of old-school racer. You can catch the mini-game in action via the trailer below.

Meat Boy is just one of many other familiar faces set to appear in Retro City Rampage, including ‘Splosion Man and CommanderVideo.

Yeah, the ongoing wait for Retro City Rampage is killing us too. It’s due out on PS3 and Vita “very soon”.


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odd69 said:

If you collect everything in his mini game, you unlock Meatboy as a playable character in Free mode. So you can actually play as meatboy just make sure to collect all the bandages. You can play as commander video as well, and a few others.



Colors said:

God, I've been waiting for this game for months, I need something amazing like this to bring me back to my Vita. After my 3rd playthrough of U:GA, it's gotten a bit stale.

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