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Stock Up with Borderlands 2's Ultimate Loot Edition

Posted by Sammy Barker

More stuff than you could ever store

As collector’s editions continue to get more and more extravagant, Gearbox has thrown down the gauntlet with the biggest limited edition ever announced.

The appropriately titled Ultimate Loot Edition for Borderlands 2 bundles – deep breath – a Marcus Kincaid bobblehead, a hardbound artbook, a collectable sticker set, a digital comic, a bunch of in-game content, a scaled replica of the game’s red loot chests, a steel book case, a “Creatures of Pandora” ID chart, a lithograph postcard set, field notes from Sir Hammerlock, a cloth map of Pandora, and a certificate of authenticity. Can’t... breathe.

All that will cost you £100. If you’re feeling tight, you’ll be able to pick up the bobblehead, artbook, stickers, comic and in-game content for £64.99 as part of the slightly less premium Deluxe Vault Hunter’s set.

Still... struggling... to... breathe.

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Stuffgamer1 said:

Just ran through that sentence with plenty of air to spare.

Anyhoo, that pack is INSANE! Personally, I'd just go for the cheaper limited edition that still has the in-game content, since that's most of what I tend to care about in these sets. And come on, it's a $50 difference! I'm not exactly rich here.



odd69 said:

omg this is the version i want. the bobble head and replica chest was more than enough to warrant a purchase



Fuzzy said:

Where do people find room to put these things? I barely like having to find room for the case the disk came in!



odd69 said:

Preordering this from gamestop you get free exclusive dlc, Its 150$ in the usa.

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