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Starhawk Beta Testers Scoop Additional Goodies

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Those that participated in the beta test for Lightbox Interactive’s upcoming multiplayer shooter Starhawk will score a handful of additional in-game goodies.

First up is the Hand of the Founder, a glowing atom that will rotate around your right-hand to show that you were one of the game’s originators. Additionally, those that have also played Warhawk will unlock two exclusive paint schemes that can be used to customise the vehicles in Starhawk.

Both of the added extras are exclusive, and will not be available any other way. We’ll let Lightbox Interactive president Dylan Jobe tell you more about the goodies in the trailer below.


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hamispink said:

I am incredibly excited for this game! It's lucky for me that the release of this coincides nicely with graduation. I'll have plenty of free time to really get into the game after an awesome beta.
The bonuses are pretty cool for beta players, though I doubt i'll apply the Eucadian paint scheme as I was never a fan of the military style green.

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