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Sony Signs Three Game Deal with Giant Sparrow

Posted by Sammy Barker

Fresh blood

There may well be life after thatgamecompany after all. Sony has announced that it has signed a three game exclusivity partnership with Giant Sparrow, starting with The Unfinished Swan.

The developer is currently set-up inside Sony’s ubiquitous Santa Monica studio, which is responsible for a dizzying number of PS3 titles at the moment.

For those unclear, The Unfinished Swan puts you in control of a small child in an invisible world. The child must find his way by painting the world, and uncovering the geometry around him. Trust us – it looks incredible.

As reported yesterday, the game will support PlayStation Move controls. If you don’t have Sony’s motion controller, you’ll be able to use a DualShock instead.

We’ve included a trailer of the game in action below. Looks a bit special, doesn’t it?


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Kayoss said:

Im loving what Sony is doing with their gaming division. Not to sound like a fan boy ( I do own an Xbox and cant wait for Halo 4) but Sony's PS3 is starting to make me wonder if I should own an Xbox at all. PS3 been coming out with exclusives left and right. The best part about their exclusives is that the game are very unique and original. If Sony keep this up, I will be supporting them with my hard earned money.

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