We can already hear your blood pumping from the other end of the Internet. Don’t worry, Sony may have filed a patent for an advert delivery mechanism in games, but we doubt it’ll ever actually be implemented.

The patent – spotted by the always eagle-eyed masses over at NeoGAF – discusses a system that would interrupt gameplay in order to deliver an advert, and then pull you back into the action once the commercial was over. It sounds awful, we agree.

The registration also touches upon the possibility of rewinding the game a few seconds in order to ensure you don’t mess up once gameplay is restored. Imagine loading into a commercial just as you’re about to hit the final corner at Le Mans – you’d be pretty frustrated, right?

Of course, as we alluded earlier, we doubt this idea will ever actually be implemented. The patent was filed way back in 2011, and Eurogamer.net notes that it’s an expansion of a similar idea filed in 2006. We’re pretty sure Sony understands just how much this would irritate its core fanbase. At least, we hope so.

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