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Sonic 4: Episode II Launch Trailer Celebrates Release

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sonic boom

With Sonic 4: Episode II on the cusp of release, SEGA has launched a brand new trailer showing off some of the sequences and stages from the final game. The word around the office is that resident SEGA fanboy James Newton has donned his Sonic the Hedgehog undies in preparation for the big release. Pretty weird, huh?

Sonic 4: Episode II launches today in North America, and tomorrow in Europe. Are you planning on picking it up?

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fchinaski said:

I bought Episode 1 last month just to finish it before Episode 2 came out (still trying to get that goddman Untouchable trophy though). Instabuy for me.



Qeuix said:

This game is awesome! I want it badly! I hope it comes out for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS eventually. :l



get2sammyb said:

Y'know, just because no one else has said it, I wouldn't mind a Vita version of this. Day one on PS3, though. Really looking forward to it.




Maybe, hopefully the reports of the gameplay being overhauled are correct though. Episode 1 was pretty terrible I thought. Sonic Generations fixed a lot that was terrible in new Sonic games though, so it would be very nice if the development took a lot of cues from the 2D levels of that.

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