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Rumour: Quantic Dream's Next Title to Be Announced at E3

Posted by Sammy Barker

It begins

Dreams can come true. Just days after this ecstatic author cited Quantic Dream’s next project as his most wanted E3 announcement, rumours of exactly that have hit the ‘net. CVG is reporting that studio head David Cage is set to take to the stage during Sony’s press conference next week and raise the curtain on the successor to Heavy Rain. Excuse us while we go and do a little dance around the office.

Details are scarce, but TheSixthAxis also claims to have an appointment for a “secretive” Sony title that “fits the bill”.

Quantic Dream has been quiet ever since it revealed its incredible Kara technology demonstration earlier in the year. The studio is thought to be working on two titles as part of its ongoing exclusivity partnership with Sony.

If you weren’t excited about PlayStation’s press conference five minutes ago, we bet you are now. What are you hoping to see from Quantic Dream’s next title?


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get2sammyb said:

Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Hold me.

Seriously though, I fully expect this to blow everyone away.




Should be interesting.

Personally I think the team behind Heavy Rain should be let loose on Blade Runner . . .



bauckster said:

Looks great - the Kara demo seemed amazing, from what I read of it. This could reach a new level with storytelling, as long as the gameplay matches it.




@bauckster I can't see them screwing it up really.

Though I suppose it's a bit of a double edged sword for them.

They could do another story with control similar to Heavy Rain and get blasted for not innovating, or go down a route people weren't expecting and alienate the established fan base.

I think they're creative enough bunch to make more magic though- and if it is based on the tech demo (the engine and the story) then all the better- a bit of tech-noir would be much appreciated!

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