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Rainbow Moon Brightens Up the PlayStation Store

Posted by Sammy Barker

Blast from the past

SideQuest Studios has finally attached a rough release window to Rainbow Moon, its upcoming PSN exclusive strategy RPG. The title is set to launch on Sony’s digital storefront in just a “few weeks”, with more details set to be revealed in the coming days.

The game is heavily inspired by turn based strategy RPGs of old, and sees battles taking place on familiar grid-sized maps. Up to three party members can participate in battles, with a range of attack options at your disposal. There are over 100 different enemies in the game, each with its own characteristics, so you’ll need to think quickly in order to succeed in battle.

Even better, Rainbow Moon is no small investment. Unlike most PSN titles, the game will contain more than 100 hours of content. In order to accentuate its big budget intentions, the developer has confirmed that the title will include a Platinum trophy.

You can learn more about the fantasy game on the PlayStation Blog. For now though, make sure you watch the title’s latest trailer, which we’ve handily embedded in the space below.


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Squiggle55 said:

I get the feeling that every time a PS3 only PSN game comes out from now on we're likely to hear "why isn't this on the vita?" or "I'd like to play this on the vita". In other news, this looks very cool, I'd like to play it on my vita.

Serious Question: How long would it actually take for a developer to take a game like this and run it on the vita? And whatever the answer to that question is I'm sure preparing a game like this to be remote play compatible is 100x faster.

Private note to developers: I am more likely to buy your game if I can at least remote play it from my vita.

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