If you’ve always thought Spider-Man would be a much better franchise with an elderly gentleman in the lead role rather than an anxious, sprightly youth, then the pre-order bonuses for Activision’s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man should be right up your alley.

Register your interest in the game at Amazon and you’ll snatch up the ability to play as the Marvel mastermind himself, Stan Lee. Seriously. The comic book legend supposedly uses special abilities borrowed from Spidey in order to collect pages from his latest script. Grab them all and a “special surprise” will be revealed at the end of the mission, designed to tie into Spider-Man’s 50th anniversary this year.

If the thought of playing as a grey haired web slinger doesn’t have you clutching for your wallet, GameStop's announced an alternative pre-order bonus starring the Rhino. This additional mission will see you attempting to break as much stuff as possible in a given time limit. Sounds fun, huh?

We’d still rather play as an old man than a dude dressed in a rhinoceros suit, though. Where’s that guy’s sense of style?