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New DiRT Showdown Trailer Parties Hard

Posted by Sammy Barker

What does that even mean?

If you’re still not entirely sure what DiRT Showdown actually is, this trailer should set the scene. It’s got loud music, flashing lights and exaggerated American voiceovers. It’s essentially the game Codemasters has been itching to make for the past three years. Totally rad, dude. Cowabunga. Word.

You can read our first impressions of the crash heavy title in our DiRT Showdown preview. The full game is set to collide with PS3 later this month.

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Ginkgo said:

I played the demo which is was great but unfortunately very short.
The visuals look really good, the music is rockin.

It is still a racing game at the core but from what I can see they have based the track design on the all the weird and whacky loops, jumps and crossovers that you enjoyed when playing with matchbox cars as a kid.

The idea is still to win the race, but you get extra points for taking out other cars. The more carnage the better. T-boning earns more points than a side swipe etc.

I definitely want this game, but I don't need another racing game at the moment so I will wait to find a good price. Definitely one to challenge a friend to but it would be unlikely that either of you will ever finish a race.

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