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First EX Troopers Trailer Looks... Awesome

Posted by Sammy Barker


You could be forgiven for reading yesterday’s EX Troopers announcement with a cynical mindset. The Lost Planet franchise — upon which the spin-off is based — has never really lived up to its potential, and the details provided as part of the Famitsu report didn’t sound particularly engaging.

But it turns out we just needed actual gameplay footage to get us on board, and that’s exactly what publisher Capcom has provided. Embedded below is the game’s debut trailer, which shows off the title’s anime art direction and awesome electro soundtrack. The audio sounds like something Perfume would release – which has certainly increased our anticipation

Elevate your hype with the video below.


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kivi95 said:

The style is not for me:/ and the graphics look very bad but maybe it's 3DS gameplay.



fullyilly said:

Have to agree with the other replies, I personally think it looks hideous.




I just checked it out on Capcom's YouTube channel, looks nice. Good implementation of the style. Doesn't look like a particularly interesting game though . . .



Azikira said:

Holy carp, I think I wet my shorts out of excitement! It's like Gundam meets Lost Planet (though on a much smaller scale)
Absolutely buying for 3DS day 1



SpaceKappa said:

I never played Lost Planet because the look and vibe turned me off. This is something I can absolutely get behind.



ShogunRok said:

@SpaceKappa Same, this looks pretty unique and I like the art style. One question though... Why the hell isn't this coming to Vita as well?



CanisWolfred said:

I think it looks weird. Not bad. Just weird. Like it's trying to hard or something. And we weren't shown enough of the gameplay for me to make a decision yet, but if it's got mech battles, it's mine.



ThreadShadow said:

Overall I'm not happy with this.

Let me guess, you'll play a generic looking anime hero(with pink hair), and his school chums will be a beautiful girl who is unsure of herself and always clutches her textbooks close to herself, and a senior who wears glasses, and he's always pushing them back up on his nose? The hero will learn to believe in himself and his wacky group of friends while they continually give eachother single-solemn-head-nods?

I like Lost Planet, especially when it's in the snow, and fighting akrid, I don't care much for fighting snow pirates. The premise of this new game sounds a bit silly, but we'll see.

From the trailer it looks like you'll never be piloting a "VS" in ground combat. The trailer focuses on infantry combat and a glimpse of some suspect Voltron-like space fight.

Lost Planet is not Voltron, is not Gundam, is not Evangelion, is not Zone of the Enders.

This must be Capcoms way of getting revenge on Lost Planet creator Keiji Inafune for all the things he's said about Capcom and the Japanese gaming industry as a whole.

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