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European PSN Nets Nifty Pre-Order Functionality

Posted by Sammy Barker

It's a kind of magic

Sony’s secretly added a brand new feature to the European PlayStation Store as part of today’s content update. The eagle eyed reporters over at TheSixthAxis noted that the digital version of upcoming Move powered adventure Sorcery can be pre-ordered from the PSN right now. But while pre-orders aren’t particularly new, the ability to “pre-load” is.

The feature works similarly to Valve’s PC-based Steam network, allowing you to download the game before its official launch date and have it stored on your console ready to play on release day. Pretty neat, huh?

TheSixthAxis reports that "many other big titles" will be available to pre-order soon. With every PlayStation Vita title now scooping a digital release, “pre-loading” sure would be a welcome feature on the handheld.


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I take it the feature is dependant on network access rather than the system clock?

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