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DUST 514 Diary Details Cross-Platform Compatibility

Posted by Sammy Barker

Breaking barriers

DUST 514 is probably the most ambitious game announced for PlayStation 3 right now. The free-to-play title – which ties directly into hardcore PC MMO EVE Online – sees you forming allegiances with other players and fighting over meaningful locations in the game's universe.

The title's ambition is so great that it’s hard to communicate why the shooter’s important to casual players. Developer CCP Games hopes to change that with a series of developer diaries, starting with this brief overview of the game.

The trailer touches on the title's cross-platform compatibility, highlighting the features which set it apart from its closest contemporaries.

More DUST 514 details (including beta plans) are expected to be announced at next month's E3.


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recurv said:

Can't wait for this. Can't wait for this. Can't wait. For this.



Splat said:

I know nothing about Eve what so ever, but I'm looking forward to this.




I'm really looking forward to this, especially the Vita star map and loadout app. I know a couple of EVE players, the politics are thrilling and ownership people take in the game is really huge. Hopefully that will translate well to 514- and hopefully I'll find enough time to sink in to it!



Ginkgo said:

I think this game generates excitement and confusion for me in equal portions.

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