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Devil May Cry Reboot Sobs into 2013

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sticks and stones

Can you see what you’ve done to poor Dante, you nasty lot? You should probably apologise for all those nasty things you’ve said. Sure, Ninja Theory’s boy-band interpretation of the classic protagonist might not be the one you grew up with, but that doesn’t give you the right to say horrible things about his appearance in the comments section of every YouTube video.

As a result you’re going to have to wait a little while to get your hands on the next Devil May Cry game, as Capcom has given the title a January 15th 2013 release date. Please make sure you’ve got something nice to say by the time that date rolls around.

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CommanderAudio said:

Woops Sammy. You made a mistake. No one's gonna bother forgiving Capcom. With this and the Mega Man Legends 3 cancelation, it seems like no one wants to like, let alone buy a 'Crapcom' game anymore. It's a shame, because I find Capcom's games amazing.

Don't go hating on me. It's just my opinion

EDIT And don't go hating on Ninja Theory either. They made Enslaved: Journey to the West, so I'm certainly not complaining.

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