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Capcom Trademarks Remember Me

Posted by Sammy Barker

Don't forget

Ordinarily we’d skip on this story like a plate of smelly socks, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Japanese publisher Capcom has filed a US trademark for the title Remember Me. Presumably it has nothing to do with the 2010 romantic comedy of the same name.

The filing for the “computer game” was made on 22nd May, paving the way for an E3 announcement. Interestingly, a similar listing was filed in Europe on 25th May.

We’re not entirely sure what Remember Me could be, but given the emphasis on sequels at this late stage in the generation, we’re crossing everything for some new IP. Come on Capcom, bring the goods.


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CanisWolfred said:

Could be am indie PC adventure game. Capcom is also selling Cherry Tree High Comedy Club on their store, so this wouldn't be the first time they've dealt with one.



CommanderAudio said:

(a) A sequel to something
(b) A marketing scheme for Resi 6
(c) What @Mickeymac said
(d) A really bad game (Everybody HATES Capcom. Fact.)
(e) Something VERY, VERY BIG.....



ThreadShadow said:

Nice try Capcom, but just because you're becoming irrelevant, doesn't mean you can trademark "Remember me" and force people to remember you.

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