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Babel Rising Makes You a God with Move

Posted by Sammy Barker

Genesis 11:9

Ubisoft’s PlayStation Move powered God game Babel Rising is set to release on 13th June in Europe, the publisher has announced. The downloadable title sees you assuming the role of God and attempting to stop humans from building the Tower of Babel by tossing all manner of natural disasters at them.

Sounds like a good way to relieve frustration, doesn’t it?

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naruball said:

Been waiting fot this game since the day it was announced for the ps3. Defintiely day one purchase for me.



rjejr said:

At first I thought this was a 3Dish version of the Wiiware game Gods vs. Humans but it actually looks a bit different. That game was boring b/c you could usually just take out the ground floor to win, this one looks kinda random wrist movements without too much strategy involved at all. Maybe just the trailer is poorly done.



Ginkgo said:

I saw early footage of this and they have improved the graphics a lot. I love Move but am still not sure about this game. But perhaps Sammy got it right "Sounds like a good way to relieve frustration, doesn't it?". I can see this being a good stress relief mechanism. Die!

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