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Analyst: Sony Vita Sales Target Will Be a "Stretch"

Posted by Sammy Barker

Unless there's a price drop

During its investor’s conference last week, Sony announced that it intends to sell 16 million PSP and Vita units over the coming fiscal year (ending 31st March, 2013). Looking at current PSP sales trends, that means the company expects to sell around 10 million Vitas over the next 12 months. But RW Baird analyst Colin Sebastian believes that reaching that figure will be a “stretch”.

He told Games Industry International:

10 million looks like a stretch goal at this point. Perhaps there is a price cut baked into that guidance later in the year, or Sony believe that there are titles such as Call of Duty for Vita that will be meaningful platform drivers.

Vita is a great dedicated game device, but the market for those products continues to shrink as smart devices become better platforms for games.

We doubt Sony will drop the price this early, but value added bundles seem like a certainty. The biggest concern with Vita right now is its proprietary storage format, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the company announced at E3 that it will start shipping 4GB cards with every new unit.


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BudrSbastig said:

Maybe they would sell more if the adverts on T.V, showed game footage and how good the system is, and not just some a bloke running up a beech wearing a tin helmet!



rjejr said:

Unless Pachter is right. Hey, it's gotta happen eventually.
The 4gb card sounds like a good idea. And besides the price cut the Nintendo 3DS was being sold w/ a $50 GC at every major retailer in the US over the holidays, it's why I bought 3. Maybe Sony can have the retailors give away a 1 yr. PSN card w/ each Vita purchase. And, you know, support Vita on the PSN a little better.



Kayoss said:

The only way this will happen are the following...
1.Price drop on the device
2. Price drop on the memory card
3. Get the remote playing on all upcoming games that will be released.
4. Get better first party and third party game (Monster hunter, pokeman gold, black, orange, silver, grey etc. God of war, final fantasy.
5. Port some of the existing PS3 games onto the PS vita
6. Get PSone, PSP and PS2 games compatible with the Vita
7. Get a app store going (whatever is on Itunes and android should be able to work on the PS vita).
8. Get a better internet browser with flash for all those Youtube.
If Sony meet half of those criterias they might able to sell 10 million units world wide and thats a big "Might". If Sony decide to continue what they are doing now, I will be suprise the PS vita will survive by the end of 2013. Im a PS vita owner and I had very high hope for this device but so far im really not getting what I was promised.

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