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007 Legends Takes Off on 16th October

Posted by Sammy Barker


Of all the Bond movies to feature in upcoming nostalgia fest 007 Legends, developer Eurocom has opted for the most questionable of them all. The conclusion of this debut Skyfall movie trailer confirms the inclusion of Moonraker in the Activision published game, with a sneak peek at 007’s unforgettable gadgetry and pantomime villain Jaws.

007 Legends itself will feature six missions based on previous films, so there’s at least five more scenarios still to be announced. We suppose Moonraker is memorable for all the wrong reasons, so its inclusion sort of makes sense. Maybe?

The game’s due out on 16th October in North America, shortly ahead of the new film’s release in November.

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I'm so looking forward to this! Love Moonraker! It's one of the best of the 'ridiculous' bond films of the Moore era, over the top, cheesey, proper villain, but a lot of fun.

looks like it's gotten the GoldenEye: Reloaded treatment with updated technology on show in the background and such. With no obvious shout out to Roger Moore I'd suspect they're going with Craig's likeness too Looks good, will sound good no doubt, and since it's not a Wii port- should play better than GE:R.

So, which 5 other of JB's movie adventures will be thrown in? I'd like The Man With The Golden Gun, The Living Daylights, Live and Let Die, Thunderball and A View To A Kill- Those being my favourite films of the series, and surely prime game fodder!!



JonWahlgren said:

From Russia With Love already had its own game so I can see that getting included to account for the Connery era — jetpack!

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