Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk pitched the idea of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD years ago, but publisher Activision turned the concept down. In an interview with IGN, the trickster revealed that the publisher felt it “wasn’t the right time” for an HD remake. It’s obviously changed its tune a lot since, with the classic format set to return on PSN this summer.

The Hawk revealed:

They knew better than I did that they didn't have time to develop it in short of a year, that it wasn't the right time. Now we can do it as digital content and make it that much less expensive. We're releasing this game for $15, which is totally unheard of for a big franchise game.

The surprisingly aware boarder continued that he hopes to see Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD become a venue for brand new content such as levels and skaters in the future, but Activision cautioned that it is taking a “wait and see” approach to DLC.

Earlier in the year a spokesperson told Joystiq:

Activision will see how the game does and go from there.

Can anyone imagine Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD selling poorly though? $15 for a slice of nostalgia sounds like a bargain to us, and we suspect it’s going to resonate very well with consumers.