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The Legend of Dragoon Spreads Its Wings on PSN in May

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has taken to the US PlayStation Blog this evening to announce the release of PSone cult classic The Legend of Dragoon for PSN.

In his post, Yoshida-san reveals that a sequel to the ambitious RPG was in development at Sony’s Japan Studio, but it later got cancelled for “unknown reasons”.

The Legend of Dragoon is due out on the US PlayStation Store on 1st May. Feel free to go completely bonkers in the comments – we know this is a game a lot of you have been asking for.


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Zergling said:

I want Tomba..then you will see ape crap crazy!



Play_It_Loud said:

BOOM goes the dynamite! I cant FN wait. I will not make the same mistake twice I am gonna grind like crazy so I can actually beat the 2 hour final boss battle.



WolfRamHeart said:

This is pretty awesome. I still have my original copy but I would definitely get it again if Sony brings PS1 compatibility to the PS Vita.



James said:

Great news — a tremendous RPG though, let's be honest, not as good as the other dragoon RPG



James said:

@Jamouse Opinions differ quite wildly on that front! It's not exactly original but it's got its qualities.



rjejr said:

While I wasn't one of the people demanding it on every PS Blog post, I always thought it weird that the 1 Sony made RPG wasn't PSN released. Don't think I'ld play thru it again but I certainly enjoyed it the first time. Classic standard JRPG, I remember it being very colorful and the levels well designed, though the characters voices for their specials are still stuck in my head, in a bad way. I will have my son play it.



MitchConcannon said:

Man loved this game. I know its not the best RPG out there but completing each disc gave a great sense of accomplishment. Still have the original copy which advertised on ebay for a high enough price. But I'l be keeping mine in my virginity den. A place where no girlfriend can ever go.



hamispink said:

This is great news! this game is the first rpg that I actually beat(besides pokemon), seeing as I wasn't a fan of the genre in my youth. At the time I thought it looked amazing and the papermario-esque timed combat kept my attention. Can't wait to load this on my psp and burn through the rest of the school year playing this once I turn in my books.



rjejr said:

Told my wife the news and she responded - "wow, that was a great game." Now she didn't actually play it, just sat there and watched me for many hours, so it's a good story driven JRPG. Unfortunately it's the 1 JRPG I traded in when I got a decent amount for it, I think I wanted the money for some Dreamcast game, probably Skies of Arcadia or Grandia 2.
Price? Sony owns it so it shouldn't have Sqeenix pricing, but it probably will.

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