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Sony Sneakily Announces Red PS3 for the UK

Posted by Sammy Barker

Captain scarlet

If the basic black exterior of the current PS3 is putting you off purchasing Sony’s current console, perhaps you might be tempted by the curvaceous red system instead.

The former Japan exclusive has started popping up on UK websites this afternoon, with Amazon revealing a 27th April release date and Play scheduling it for the 4th May. The sultry red system will cost you around £250, and comes bundled with a mammoth 320GB hard drive.

Sony told this evening that it gave retailers the go-ahead to start promoting the new SKU yesterday, so you should expect it to show up on other outlets soon.

Sadly, the blue PS3 – which launched alongside the red one in Japan – will not be making the jump overseas just yet, but it’s nice to see Sony finally starting to capitalise on the popularity of limited edition cases outside of Japan. Can we get the white console over here too, please?


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Splat said:

I wish I would have got the 320GB PS3 when I got my 160GB system.



NathanUC said:

I spent $400 on a helmet just for the bright color red.. but I'm not sure I'd want a red ps3 sitting next to the rest of my monochrome electronics?



fchinaski said:

I bought the Resistance 3 bundle just because it came with the 320GB model, and I couldn't find the 320GB model alone. But I would gladly have bought this red PS3 instead if it were available at the time, since I couldn't care less for Resistance 3 or any other FPS... sigh.



odd69 said:

yea, this red ps3 looks amazing i want to buy one. guess us early adapters will have to mod or use skins if we want something other than black.



rjejr said:

What's that loud smacking sound I hear, desperation?

JK, I'm glad to see Sony promoting Mario w/ their systems.



Blaze said:

My PS3 just recently broke, and nobody can seem to fix it, whoever I send it too. Maybe this red PS3 will be a nice replacement!



Savino said:

Consoles should be black or white!
It looks awfull in my opinion!



WolfRamHeart said:

That looks pretty sweet. I'm still hanging on to my old 60 GB because of the backwards compatibility. Besides, I got a nice 500 GB hard drive installed in it too. As long as it still plays my games I don't care what color it is.



danschemen said:

looks pretty awesome if you ask me. I think they need to sell consoles in different colors like they used to.

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