If the basic black exterior of the current PS3 is putting you off purchasing Sony’s current console, perhaps you might be tempted by the curvaceous red system instead.

The former Japan exclusive has started popping up on UK websites this afternoon, with Amazon revealing a 27th April release date and Play scheduling it for the 4th May. The sultry red system will cost you around £250, and comes bundled with a mammoth 320GB hard drive.

Sony told Eurogamer.net this evening that it gave retailers the go-ahead to start promoting the new SKU yesterday, so you should expect it to show up on other outlets soon.

Sadly, the blue PS3 – which launched alongside the red one in Japan – will not be making the jump overseas just yet, but it’s nice to see Sony finally starting to capitalise on the popularity of limited edition cases outside of Japan. Can we get the white console over here too, please?

[via eurogamer.net]