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Rumour: SEGA Has Cancelled Bayonetta Sequel

Posted by Sammy Barker

Don't shoot the messenger

It sounds like SEGA has canned the sequel to Platinum Games' much loved character action title, Bayonetta. A report on Spong notes that the successor was culled as part of the publisher’s major restructuring plans.

The website reports that the sequel was set to include “a new character, in the form of a member of the US military”.

While Platinum Games never officially confirmed the follow up, it has been heavily rumoured since the original title's 2010 release.

Obviously, we feel your pain.


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Play_It_Loud said:

dammit! I would much rather get another one of these then yet another god of war prequel. Bummer in the almost summer!



shonenjump86 said:

I really hope this rumour is not to true. Bayonetta was a great game. I know Sega is having problems but don't drop a Bayonetta sequel.



rjejr said:

I would have much rather played this than the DMC "reboot". (I know it's different companies and 1 has nothing to do w/ the other, just saying.)



Kor-Meteor said:

As a 30 year old man it pains me to say I am weeping like a little schoolgirl right now.



Weskerb said:

This makes no sense. Bayonetta sold really well. Maybe it has something to do with Platinum Games taking over development of Metal Gear Rising?

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