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Resident Evil 6 to Reload Mercenaries Mode

Posted by Sammy Barker

Popping heads

As if there was any doubt about its inclusion, Capcom has revealed a bunch of Resident Evil 6 pre-order bonuses which confirm the return of the brilliant score-attack mode, Mercenaries.

There’ll be three additional maps available for those that pre-order, including the Rail Yard, Catacombs and High Seas Fortress. Unfortunately, each of the maps will be exclusive to a different retailer.

Best Buy has dibs on the Rail Yard, a multi-levelled stage packed with subway cars and dark tunnels, while GameStop has the Catacombs, a labyrinth level filled with traps and pitfalls. Finally, Amazon has the High Seas Fortress, a level set on an air-craft carrier and infused with open and claustrophobic spaces. There’s currently no confirmation of European retailers offering similar rewards, but we expect an announcement soon.

We’ve always been big fans of Mercenaries score-heavy gameplay, so we’re eager to see how the bonus mode has evolved in Resident Evil 6.


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JaredJ said:

I cannot wait for this! I have a lot of games to go through before this is released!



koops330 said:

I hate when companies divide pre-order bonus because then even though I will preorder a game I wont get everything

But still Im super excited for Resident Evil 6 I am already counting down



danschemen said:

wait so i'm going to preorder this from gamestop does that mean i won't get the others or will they also be selling them on psn

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