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PlayStation Suite Open Beta Starts Today

Posted by James Newton

Do it yourself

Sony's just launched the open beta for its Vita development programme PlayStation Suite.

Interested users can download an SDK and start creating software for Vita and other PlayStation-certified mobile devices. It's free during the open beta period, but once it ends you'll have to pay $99 a year to keep using it. That $99 fee also entitles you to sell anything you've created with the Suite.

This isn't the first time Sony's opened up its platforms to a wider development community — remember Net Yaroze? — but we can't wait to see what intriguing applications come to Vita from this open beta.


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NathanUC said:

Let's hope it's more user-friendly than that nightmare of a dev kit Move.Me. Anyone else here try and develop using that? I'm not an expert on programming with TCP/UDP but I couldn't get anything to work correctly.



get2sammyb said:

I hope they do this correctly. Suite has the potential to be the go-to gaming platform on Android devices, but, like Nathan says, it needs to be user-friendly from both a developer stance and a consumer one.

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