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Paint Park Transforms Vita into an Expensive Colouring Book

Posted by Sammy Barker

Draw something

Sony’s announced a trio of new applications for the PlayStation Vita today, starting with the complimentary Paint Park. Available this week for the grand sum of nothing, the sketch-pad app will transform your Vita into a high-tech colouring book. You’ll be able to use the various touch interfaces to draw and paint, and even implement photographs using the front and rear cameras.

It’ll be followed by the slightly more interesting Treasure Park and the baffling Wake-Up Club in the summer. The former will allow you to create your own simple puzzles and share them with friends and strangers via Near, while the latter will turn your Vita into an alarm clock and connect you with other users who grumpily get out of bed at the same time. Yeah, we think that one’s scraping the barrel too.

Still, it’s hard to complain about free content. You can find out more about the upcoming apps over on the PlayStation Blog.


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Supereor said:

Ooh, downloading right now! Bet I can draw better than... I previously drew...



Firejonie said:

Looking foward to Treasure Park and I will download Paint Park tonight. Not really intrested in Wake-Up Club.



Jamouse said:

Paint Park isn't up on the aussie PSN store. It'll have to hurry up if it wants grab my attention before colours! 3D is released tomorrow.

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