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GameStop Knocks $50 Off PS3's Price

Posted by Sammy Barker

Now $199

GameStop’s currently selling the 160GB version of the PS3 for a wallet-friendly $199. That’s $50 less than the recommended retail price. As Joystiq notes, hardware doesn’t often go on sale, so it’s possible the reduction could be related to future announcements. Either way, there’s never been a better time to pick up a new PS3.

It’s not the only tempting discount GameStop’s currently running on PlayStation hardware. The US retailer is also offering a bundle deal on the Vita which includes a free game and case with every system.

Who's taking a trip to their nearest GameStop this weekend, then?


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bauckster said:

Wow - makes me slightly envious that I got a Ps3 shortly before this sale! :



Ginkgo said:

@bauckster : If it makes you feel any better. A 160GB PS3 currently goes for $348 in Australia, which converts to $361 USD. I reckon you probably still did alright.



Syr said:

I knew they would drop the price right after I went out and bought one, lol.

@Ginkgo : thanks, that makes me feel better



fchinaski said:

GameStop closed its stores here in Portugal. I don't know how well they're doing in the US, but maybe this is related somehow to these closings abroad...



get2sammyb said:

@fchinaski GameStop in the US is a completely different thing to in Europe. They're the biggest games retailer in North America.



Odnetnin said:

@UNC5052 That plus the sale is what's making me consider springing for one now, as long as it's not the permanent price drop.



fchinaski said:

@get2sammyb Oh. Didn't realize they were this big in the US. I think GAME is bigger around here, even though all retailers are in bad shape in Europe due to the crysis and all that.



JohnDoe123 said:

This isn't at EB Games, only GameStop. It's also online only. Thats disappointing.

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