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Extend the Adventure of Escape Plan with Free DLC

Posted by Sammy Barker

Vita's top title expands

The escapades of Lil and Laarg are far from over. Sony has announced on the PlayStation Blog that Escape Plan will get its first content expansion on 10th April – and the content will be free.

The downloadable pack, entitled Bakuki’s Lair, will add 19 new prequel levels to the touch intensive head scratcher that will help to flesh out the events leading up to the main campaign.

The new content will be delivered as part of a new patch which will tighten up the touch controls in addition to balancing the game and making scoring fairer.

To celebrate the news, PlayStation Plus members will be granted with a handful of new avatars to show their appreciation for Sony’s most accidental double act.

If you’ve yet to purchase the macabre PS Vita puzzle title, check out our Escape Plan review to find out more.


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Supereor said:

Sadly, the next PSND(cwutididthar?) I get will be spent on Armored Core and Jelly Car, so I may see to getting the game if there's a deal or something.



Slapshot said:

Glad to see they're going to tighten up the controls. It's time to finish up Escape Plan and enjoy the free DLC!



shinobi88 said: Handheld gaming is a different animal than home consoles. Look how far we've come since the original Game Boy. Not only DLC, but FREE meaningful DLC (aka new levels) AND game fixes, to an already great game. Viva la Vita



Magi said:

@LittleBigVita which Armored Core? I'm considering getting one of the three that are currently on the PSN (for the PSP) to play on my Vita.

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