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Exclusive StarDrone Extreme Vita Trailers Shoot In

Posted by James Newton

Feast your eyes

Intrigued by Beatshapers' PS Vita download StarDrone Extreme, but want to see it in action before taking the plunge? Come right this way.

We've teamed up with Beatshapers to bring you two exclusive videos of the game in action, plus screenshots you won't find anywhere else. We've also got an interview with the studio lined up to delve further into StarDrone Extreme's journey to Vita.

Stay tuned to the Push Square Twitter this week for details of how you could win a copy of StarDrone Extreme to call your own.

Exclusive trailer 1

Exclusive trailer 2

Game Screenshots

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Corbs said:

Looks cool, but I think I'll hold off for awhile given all the Vita games I still need to finish up.



kivi95 said:

Well then I will hold off buying the game if there is a chance to win the game .

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