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Demon's Souls to Be Plunged into Darkness on 31st May

Posted by Sammy Barker

Going underground

After several extended runs, Atlus has announced that it is pulling the North American servers for cult hit Demon’s Souls offline. This will obviously not affect single-player gameplay, but will prevent players from leaving notes and appearing as ghosts in other games. Boo.

The publisher has promised to hold two World Tendency events before the online component’s closure. For those who haven’t studied the title’s Wikia, World Tendency essentially alters the game's difficulty.

Do you plan to make one final return to the challenging realm of Boletaria before the servers are pulled offline for good? Let us know in the comments.


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goldgin said:

Didn't find the time to give the game the gaming hours it deserved, so this is sad. On the other hand maybe it never deserved said hours...



Colors said:

I'll never forget my first true experience with anither player's message. I was in the first level, and right before a staircase leading into light, I had an urge to read the note at the bottom of the stairs. "It's a trap". Not paying attention to the note, I went up and was promptly killed by a boulder.



Play_It_Loud said:

I just got Dark Souls for my b day and have been playing the crap out of that...Once I read this I switched over to demon souls since its been in my back log for awhile, and the online is bumping. All kinds of people are trying to finish this game off...Awesome I hope I beat this before the cut off.



NathanUC said:

This might make the platinum even more difficult. Getting pure white AND pure black without online play (needed for special weapons/accessories)? Good luck...

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