The video game sleuths are at it again – but this time it isn’t a publisher or loose-lipped employee at fault. Instead it’s Swedish magazine GameReactor, who’s somehow managed to let the cover of its upcoming issue slip out into the wild.

While the cover’s not especially upfront about its contents, a series of posters on the NeoGAF message boards have linked the artwork to the heavily rumoured Crysis 3. Indeed, the upper-left area of the image resembles the Nanosuit pattern from the aforementioned series. Furthermore, the crumbled buildings in the background look similar to those from Crysis 2.

It’s not a huge amount to go on, but Crysis 3 has been hinted over the past six months. In February, EA posted a job ad which appeared to indicate that it would publish the unannounced title under the EA Partners label, as it did with Crysis 2.

In addition, Crytek recently revealed that it had a major announcement planned for April – and this is GameReactor’s April issue. Doesn’t take a genius, does it?