Have your remote controlled cars at the ready, because the carnival is coming to town. Evolution Studios has lifted the lid on MotorStorm RC’s latest expansion pack, which brings with it a slew of new festival themed tracks and a whopping 24 events for you to test your skills against.

The pack bundles six new tracks in total, each based on various “carnival attractions”. You’ll also unlock access to eight new vehicle models, with four new liveries and paint schemes available to customise your ride. The expansion will run you $3.99.

If that’s not enough, Evolution’s also announced a couple of new premium vehicles, including the mouth-watering “Weenie” Buggy (a hot-dog on wheels) and the “Bumper” Supermini (an off-the-rails bumper car). You'll be able to pick up the latter for free, while the speedy sausage will set you back $0.25 / £0.21.

As always, you’ll only need to purchase the DLC once to access it across both PS3 and PS Vita. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse of the content in action.

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