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Trine 2 is Free for European PlayStation Plus Subscribers

Posted by Sammy Barker

Making up for the wait

Sony’s revealed the content for March’s European PlayStation Plus update, and it holds good news for those of you that have been waiting desperately to play Trine 2.

The hotly anticipated puzzle platformer will be free for subscribers throughout March. Sony’s not forgotten about regular PSN account holders either, and has announced a fortnight long 30% discount for the title as way of an apology for the delay.

Trine 2 won’t be the only freebie dished out as part of this month’s PlayStation Plus update either: Sony’s also announced that it’s giving away copies of the original Sly Cooper title for the bargain price point of zero pence. Again, you’ll need to be a subscriber to take advantage of the deal.

Other updates include exclusive early access to Journey, discounts on various PSN titles, and the usual selection of avatars, themes and PlayStation Minis.

For the full run-down of goodies, jump over to the PlayStation Blog.


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Squiggle55 said:

I would have liked to have this game free, but the US ps+ update looks pretty good too.



rjejr said:

Wish we were getting Trine 2 instead of Street Fighter. I don't think those 2 are at all comparable. The demo for Trine 2 not only looked beautiful, but it let us play 3 player, which I don't think the first game had.
Either way I already have the Sly Trilogy on blu ray, picked it up for $15 bucks. Possibly haven't opened it yet as I already played all 3 originals.
1 week Early Access bothers me b/c it's so unnecessary. We aren't getting the game a week early, everybody else is being held back a week, and that's just mean spirited.
I never waste the time/bandwidth/HDD space for 1 hour trials. Especially for games that have much smaller demos.
The PS+ discounted price of $31.99 for "Phineas And Ferb: Across The Second Dimension" is more than the street price of $29.99. If you can't under price Gamestop than don't bother selling.

OK, too much negativity, as usual, still enjoying PS+ and well worth the money. Um Jammer Lammy looks intriguing.

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