Sony’s commented on the sales of the PlayStation Vita in North America, describing them as “exceptional”.

SCEA’s Patrick Seybold said in a statement:

After months of anticipation, the U.S. launch of PlayStation Vita saw overwhelming enthusiasm amongst gamers, resulting in exceptional hardware, software and peripheral sales.

Seybold didn’t provide any specific statistics, but did reiterate the 1.2 million global sales number from last month.

Seybold continued:

Customer satisfaction rates are very high and momentum will continue as gamers get their hands on a deep line up of blockbuster titles that take advantage of PS Vita’s unique features, including cross-platform play with the PlayStation 3.

In truth it’s a bit of an ambiguous statement, but we certainly can’t disagree with the customer satisfaction comment. It seems that anyone that gets their hands on the PS Vita falls in love with it, and that can’t be a bad thing for word of mouth.