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Sony Ships 10 Million PlayStation Move Controllers

Posted by Sammy Barker

Moving on up

The PlayStation Move has had a quiet year thus far, but with anticipated titles such as Sorcery and Datura on the horizon, it’s sure to pick up pace in the coming months.

Regardless, it sounds like the motion peripheral's continuing to sell at a decent rate, with Sony confirming that it has now shipped 10.6 million units of the device to retail.

Speaking at GDC, Sony’s Gabe Ahn said that the company considers the accessory to be “successful” and that it still has major plans for the device. Are you still using your PlayStation Move? What games are you looking forward to?


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XCWarrior said:

I own one, my wife uses it. She struggles with it a lot more than the Wii Mote and Nunchuk thus far. Too many buttons for her. So yeah, at least people are buying it, but its certainly not as intuitive.



Ginkgo said:

There are always so many games (move and otherwise) that I never have enough time to play them all.

For move:
Still haven't finished : Infamous 2, Killzone, Goldeneye
Hanging out for : BioShock Infinite, Star Trek, Sorcery, Dust 514
Curious about : Datura (what the hell is it?), Tiger Woods 13, MLB 12 The Show, probably some others.

BTW, when is the games list on this site going to be updated with which titles are move compatible etc? For those of us who were part of movemodo, Move seems to have been all but forgotten since the merger. .



autogolazzo said:

Agreed with @Ginkgo. I also notice that the PS Store no longer has a Move category for their games.

Makes me think it is on the way out.

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