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Sony Reveals 2012 PSN Gamers' Choice Awards Winners

Posted by Sammy Barker

Grabbing a gong

It’s time to don your tuxedo and get ready to grab a discount, as Sony’s announced the winners of the 2012 PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards.

As with previous years, each of the winning titles will net a cool 30% discount (50% if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber) for a limited time only.

The winners are:

Best PSN Exclusive: inFAMOUS Festival of Blood (PS3)
Best PSN Game: Resident Evil 4 (PS3)
Best PSN Game Playable Online: Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition (PS3)
Best PS3 Full Game: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (PS3)
Best PlayStation Move Game: Dungeon Hunter: Alliance (PS3)
Best 3D Game: God of War: Origins Collection (PS3)
Best PlayStation Classic: Chrono Trigger (PS3/PSP)
Best Mini Game: Angry Birds (PS3/PSP)
Best PSP Game: DISSIDIA 012 [duodecim] FINAL FANTASY (PSP)
Best Indie: LIMBO (PS3)

Do you agree with the winners? Are there any titles on the list that you’d like to pick up discounted?


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Squiggle55 said:

I think the two games I am most likely to buy at discount are Chrono Trigger and God of War. I will be very happy with those purchases at 50% off I am sure. I already own it but I was hoping to see some love for Dungeon Defenders, I really like that one.



Azikira said:

WELL.... I own pretty much every single one of those... But hey, some of the ones I voted for won :3



Magi said:

Wow, wasn't Ogre Tactics one of the nominees? I was looking for a discount on that game.



Splat said:

Why does this stuff always happen when I have no money?

Also Resident Evil 4 still winning awards after being made so long ago just shows the greatness that it is,was and will always be.



Colors said:

Guh, All of this list other than InFamous I'm either not interested, already have, or am too young to play. I might as well get FF Duodecim though



WolfRamHeart said:

I already own most of the games that were nominated. My votes went to games that I don't own and wanted to see get a discount. I voted for Sly Cooper and Tactics Ogre but unfortunately they didn't win. Though I am glad to see God of War and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood win so I may pick those games up.

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