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SEGA and Arkedo Reveal Hell Yeah!

Posted by Sammy Barker

The rabbit is coming, you better start running

SEGA’s finally lifted the lid on its collaboration with Parisian developer Arkedo. As confirmed on IGN overnight, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Rabbit is coming to PlayStation Network later this year.

The game is about a rabbit prince who embarks on a bloody rampage when compromising photographs of him are posted online. As the trailer illustrates, the game has a strong heavy metal influence. But judging from the hair metal soundtrack’s lyrics – we’re guessing the game has its tongue placed firmly in cheek.


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fullyilly said:

YES YES YES, the games industry keeps pumping out these awesome looking 2D games, this is soooooo good to see. Shank 2, Rayman Origins and now this. My prayers are being answered, thank you gaming gods.

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