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Rumour: Shenmue HD Was Finished Over a Year Ago

Posted by Sammy Barker

"I see..."

Here’s a story to get the old blood boiling: according to GamerZines, SEGA has been sitting on finished versions of Shenmue HD and Shenmue II HD for over a year. The website reports that the Japanese publisher decided to hold back the hotly anticipated re-releases in order to get a feel for the future of the Shenmue franchise as a whole.

We suppose the delay would be forgivable if it came with an announcement for Shenmue III – but as wronged fans of the franchise we’re not holding our breath.

At least we know the HD ports are probably coming, right? We can’t wait to buy toy capsules and drive forklifts in high-definition.


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cyphid said:

I'm so glad there's hope to see these games release sometime in the future. If it is true that Sega has them ready, for a year now, I truly cannot wait. I think that the Dreamcast had some amazing advances in the gaming industry; truly ahead of its time, only to be snuffed because consumers were using PS2's for DVD players.



get2sammyb said:

@cyphid The PS2 comment is a bit harsh, but I agree that Shenmue was truly ahead of its time. One of the most remarkable franchises ever produced.



Zergling said:

I have been interested in this game since it was first announced for the Dreamcast. 12 years later and it shall be mine!



rjejr said:

"I see" pretty much sums it up for me. Btw how does 2 compare to 1? I remember reading it was a more expansive world but that's about it. It would have to be Uncharted 2 better for me to want to play thru the first one again.

Also, maybe Sega is sitting on it b/c every other HD franchise release has been a multipack and they want to see what the consumer appetite is for separate releases. My guess is people would wait for the inevitable dual pack release.



eliotgballade said:

IMO shenmue 2 is as good as the first one (love moving those crates) , which is my second favourite dreamcast game (after blue stinger).

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