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Phantasy Star Online 2 Confirmed for PS Vita

Posted by James Newton

Pioneer 2

SEGA's revealed that it's bringing Phantasy Star Online 2 to PlayStation Vita.

The sequel to the Dreamcast original was announced last year for PC, but as part of today's Game Heaven promotional event SEGA's confirmed it'll come to Vita in 2013.

The game also looks like it'll support cross-platform play with PC gamers, as the video below shows.

Phantasy Star Portable and its sequel are pretty big in Japan, so this should be a welcome boost to the system's sales.

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SpaceKappa said:

But... But I have no Vita...

PSO is in my top 10 games of all time so I'm chomping at the bit to play this.



James said:

Cross-play with a home console version is something I've wanted ever since PSO: Ep I & II hit GameCube with its GBA link-up. Shame it's about ten years too late for me to make use of it; no more commuting for me!



SpaceKappa said:

I'm hoping for a home console release, honestly. PSO simply IS a console game for me. It's kind of a good thing that the games didn't keep track of how long you played them; between Dreamcast, GameCube and Xbox I sank a lot of my life into that game.

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