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New Little King's Story Footage Sets Our Minds at Ease

Posted by James Newton

Fit for a king?

The first stills and details of New Little King's Story had us worried it would be a radical departure from its predecessor, the classic Little King's Story on Wii. Judging by this new trailer below we needn't have worried, as the upcoming Vita game has all the bizarre enemies and soldier flinging of its Nintendo counterpart.

Marvelous AQL released some fresh screenshots too, showing the ability to dress your soldiers up in everything from rabbit ears to Santa suits. While you could equip weapons and clothing to your characters in the Wii version, Vita's sharper graphics and closer camera shows the effects more much clearly.

The game's out in Japan today, with Europe set to receive the game sometime later this year. We can't wait.


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Mandoble said:

The predecesor of this game was a total blast on the Wii, the only "but" for me was the controls (hardly to aim accurately with the nunchuck). This can be only even better with the Vita.



Ginkgo said:

@James I don't get interest in this game. Other people on this site seem excited. Its just me. Ignore me.



James said:

@Ginkgo Have you played Little King's Story on Wii? You should, then you'd understand why some (including myself!) are so hyped for this sequel; the first one was awesome.

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