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Mysterious Namco Bandai Title is for PSP

Posted by Sammy Barker

Given the PS Vita’s continued struggles domestically, we’re surprised that Sony hasn’t just outright phased out its predecessor. But here we are, reporting on another big PSP announcement for Japan.

Remember that mysterious Namco Bandai teaser website we told you about yesterday? Well, it turns out that the title in question isn’t for PS Vita like we speculated, but instead for PSP.

According to the latest issue of Jump Magazine the title is Hunter x Hunter Wonder Adventure, an adaptation of a popular Japanese anime. Specific details are light, but the game is due out "this winter".


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shinobi88 said:

This is as sad as it gets. A teaser for a last-gen handheld game. Sony needs to nix the PSP and drop the price of the Vita asap.



Colors said:

@Shinobi88 I disagree completely, I believe Sony should keep the Vita price as it is. The Vita shouldn't and doesn't need to turn into another 3DS situation. Although I do think that Sony needs to drop the price of the memorry cards, since I've all but forgot about my vita because of the lack of memory.

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