In order to celebrate the release of MLB 12 The Show in North America this week, Sony’s released a new trailer showing off the game’s PlayStation Move integration.

You’ll be able to play the full game using Sony’s motion wand, allowing you to pitch, bat and field using physical gestures.

Jason Villa, the game’s producer, said that developer Sony San Diego’s aim was to make the motion controls as “intuitive and natural as possible”. We’re not sure that this trailer does a particularly good job of conveying that, but Villa insists that once players get used to the controls they’ll feel a “natural connection between [the] game and playing [real] baseball”.

MLB 12 The Show is also due for release on PS Vita this week with full cross-platform play compatibility. If you fancy both versions, GameStop’s offering a pretty nifty Dual Pack which we hope becomes a standard for cross-platform releases.