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Feature: PlayStation 3's Best Games

Posted by Mike Mason

The best of the best

PlayStation 3 reaches its fifth birthday in Europe this week, where it finally released on 23rd March 2007 after a lengthy delay. In that time the system has been through highs and lows, but ultimately has proven to be a dominant beast in the living room, embracing multimedia such as TV and film streaming services, Blu-rays and – naturally – video games aplenty.

To celebrate half a decade of Sony's home console, we at Push Square have put together a little list of our ten favourite PS3 titles. Nine of our writers reluctantly prised their DualShock controllers from their hands to pore over their collections and skim through their bustling Trophy lists so that they could each pull together their own personal preferred line-ups. The results were tallied together to form a formidable top ten, games that can be counted among PlayStation 3's finest and deserving of your ownership.

Of course, there are many titles that didn't quite make the cut. In total 47 games were nominated, each beloved for some reason or another by our team. Fierce competition, and a limited number of slots, prevented us from highlighting every single great title, but we feel that the ten games that emerge victorious represent some of PS3's greatest hours. Let's start at the bottom.

10. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – Snake decided to opt out of growing old gracefully in Konami's cut scene-heavy epic, sneaking through a war-torn world when he should have been shuffling about in slippers. We're glad he stayed out of retirement, though; he infiltrated our hearts once more in this fantastic tale of stealth, war and nanomachines. Lots of nanomachines.

9. Heavy Rain – Quantic Dream continued its push to improve the approach to narratives in games with Heavy Rain. The noir thriller has you chasing a mysterious serial killer, the story shifting organically and moving down new routes as characters perish. The tale played out to great effect with performances from real actors, and the later addition of Move support made it even better.

8. flower – Who would have thought that lifting petals through the air on a soft breeze could elicit such an emotional response? flower captures the feeling of freedom in a way that few games manage, and includes some of the most effective motion control yet through subtle tilts of DualShock 3.

7. God of War III – Kratos made his raucous return to home consoles three years after God of War II. Perhaps the goriest entry in the series to date, Kratos took the fight to Zeus through another visceral campaign of vengeance. Plus, the number of enemies saw a big boost, giving players ample opportunity to swing those blades again and again.

6. Portal 2 – The original Portal's increasingly brain-befuddling test chambers were wonderful, but better still is the way that Valve expanded the series' scope in the sequel. Stretched to span a full adventure game, Portal 2 is smart, challenging and genuinely hilarious without feeling forced or compromising its core concept.

5. LittleBigPlanet 2 – Playing, creating and sharing only got bigger and better in Media Molecule's follow-up platformer. LittleBigPlanet 2 moves beyond the possibilities of the original to allow would-be game designers to put together not just their own stages, but their own games. Other appeals of LittleBigPlanet weren't discarded either: the co-operative play is some of the most ridiculous fun you can have on PS3.

4. Valkyria Chronicles – SEGA's tactical RPG takes a decidedly brighter approach to war stylistically, brought to life through a cel-shaded style reminiscent of pencil-sketched animé. Beneath its gorgeous exterior lies a testing title that mixes strategy and action perfectly. Every move puts you in direct control of your unit, right in the firing line, so even the deaths of the most basic grunts mean something.

3. Demon's Souls – Demon's Souls brings new meaning to the word “difficult”. The brutal action role-playing game weeds out all but the most dedicated players, forcing sadistic levels of challenge upon anybody who dares approach it. Conquering its trials is empowering; if you like your games as hard as rocks, Demon's Souls should be your first stop.

2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – From the very first moments right through to the explosive conclusion, Uncharted 2 points a taunting finger towards the summer blockbusters of cinema. Packed to the brim with exhilarating set pieces, great writing and characters that are actually worth caring about, the second entry in Naughty Dog's series remains the best yet and one of PlayStation 3's most important first party titles.

1. Journey – Not content to bring just the one stirring game to PlayStation 3 in flower, thatgamecompany delivered Journey. Its anonymous, communication-free multiplayer, which places random travellers together as they each work their way towards the summit of a glowing mountain, is one of the best uses of online play thus far, facilitating true bonds between players without the need for a single word. Journey is an awe-inspiring masterpiece, a triumphant motion towards anybody that declares that games cannot inspire true feelings.

And the rest? Just outside of the top ten 3D Dot Game Heroes, Red Dead Redemption and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West jostled with the likes of BioShock, inFAMOUS, Everybody's Golf: World Tour and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. Meanwhile, Uncharted 3 glared on jealously at its older brother...

What are your favourite PlayStation 3 titles, the ones that have given you the most joy over the last five years? We'd love to hear what you think of our top choices – let us know in the comments below.

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cyphid said:

Wow journey is number one, along with Valkyria Chronicles at 4? Awesome list guys.



Squiggle55 said:

Journey is the best game the ps3 has ever had? you're making it very difficult to not buy that game. Am I really going to like it that much? I still feel like I know nothing about it.



Slapshot said:

@Squiggle55 That is where Journey is so fantastic. You shouldn't know anything about it going into the game. It's not about where you're going, or what Journey is about, it's about the journey to get there. Where is there you ask? You'll just have to start your own journey and find out for yourself. You'll be glad you did!



naruball said:

Wow. Never have I ever agreed so much with a top 10 list (though I haven't played many of the games listed, I'm still aware of how good they are (e.g. MG4, U2, flower, etc).



Zergling said:

Thank goodness somebody mentioned Enslaved.It never got the respect it deserved.

Same thing with Valkyria Chronicles. I personally believe that its better suited for a handheld system which is why I am hoping that Valkyria Chronicles 3 comes out on the Vita.

You forgot the bargain bin beauty known as Folklore.



goldgin said:

valkyria? uncharted and gow? I own them all, but Cod and fifa have been battling over my ps3 for 2 years now. Sales also speak the same, this list smells like a journey to wealth.



Wiilicious said:

Yay, I have none of them! But I Still love my PS3 for Resistance, Ratchet, Killzone, Heavy Rain....



Weskerb said:

I don't know whether to rejoice because you remembered MGS4, or cry because you overlooked Bayonetta.



Weskerb said:

I'll make my own list, just for the fun of it:

10. Little Big Planet 2
9. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
8. Killzone 3
7. God of War 3
6. Grand Theft Auto 4
5. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
4. Bayonetta
3. Metal Gear Solid 4
2. Uncharted 3
1. Uncharted 2

I admit your list is more interesting than mine, but I'm just being honest.

Uncharted, Assassins' Creed 2, Red Dead Redemption and Resident Evil 5 should also be in there somewhere. As well as quite a few others. Top 10s are pretty hard to do on PS3...



Yankeejer said:


I beg to differ. Valkyria Chronicles is far better suited for the PS3. The amazing artwork and vast sized maps, along with extensive voice acting made the game memorable. VCII on the PSP was anything but memorable. They dumbed down the story, butchered the artwork and made tiny little levels that you have to warp through flags. I am sorry, but I simply loved VC on the PS3 as one of my top 10 games of all time.



Ginkgo said:

I only picked up my PS3 in early 2010, so there many of great older games that I have never had the time to go back and play - If only they would stop creating new ones.. damnit!

But my personal list would look something like this:
1. Mass Effect 2 (still to play ME3, so that might change things)
2. Assassins Creed II (best of the series so far)
3. Dead Red Redemption (slow ride into Mexico)
4. Resistance 3 (with Sharpshooter)
5. Uncharted 3 (yes, I preferred it to 2)
6. Heavy Rain (bought my ps3 to play this game)
7. Grand Tourismo 5 (a force feedback wheel makes all the difference!)
8. Uncharted 2
9. Deux Ex Human Revolution
10. Batman Arkhman City



Noire said:

I'll just leave this here


Should be one of the top ten PS3 games on the strength of it's soundtrack only, tbh.



odd69 said:

None of those on that list could even compare to skyrim, but i just have different strokes i guess.



rjejr said:

Start playing UC2 tonight and 3 whenever Gamefly gets it here. Kara has me interested in Heavy Rain, having 2 sons ages 7 and 9 now put me off playing it so far. I don't play FPS games or western RPGs so the 2 R&C games are up there for me, A4O was ok. Despite playing Castlevania, Darksiders, Dante's Inferno, Enslaved, Bayonetta and Neir first, GOW3 still was the best of the bunch. It probably helped that I played it right after the 2 PSP games which were ok.



Zergling said:

I appreciate your viewpoint however I just prefer my strategy games to be on handhelds. (advance wars, VC II, Jeanne D'arc, Fire Emblem, Field Commander) They just seem to fit a handheld system the wife takes up the tv alot playing Animal Crossing : )



DraculaX said:

My #1 PS3 game would either be Demon's Souls (I still can't believe that made the list) or LBP2, but that should change once Hitman: Absolution comes out.



James said:

@Splat If I had my way Valkyria Chronicles would occupy all the slots but that's why I'm not allowed to put these lists together on my own any more

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